What is crossfit?

CrossFit is a training program based on functional movements, executed at high intensity and constantly varied.
For this, CrossFit uses movements from different disciplines such as gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts and aerobic conditioning, among others.
The objective of the program is to maximize the performance of the ten most recognized physical abilities by specialists in sports training, such as cardio-respiratory resistance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision .

Normally CrossFit jobs last 60 minutes and are organized as follows:

  • Warm up : Lasts between 10 and 20 minutes with technical and strength work.
  • WOD or EDD : "Workout Of the Day" or "Workout Of The Day". It is the most intense part of the training. The exercises change daily and are of high intensity. You can use squats, push-ups, load items, etc.
  • Back to calm : Abdominal work, stretching and back to calm, lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Is it CrossFit for me?:

CrossFit is for everyone . The great advantage of this training method is the possibility of adapting said training to whatever the physical state of the people who practice it. The key is to work at levels of intensity relative to each individual, being able to adapt loads, times, distances ... to maintain the stimuli without modifying the program. Unlike other training programs where it is you who has to adapt to the exercise, here you decide the level of effort and intensity at which your body is able to work, even surprising you with the passage of time.

Keep in mind that this training program is composed of exercises with a high functional component, which means that they are natural and safe movements, that you will be able to transfer to your daily life and that will take you away from future injuries while helping you get a enviable physical condition. CrossFit is fully adaptable to your current fitness level and you'll quickly notice how you get results.


Large changing rooms with numerous showers and toilets.

We have a spacious entrance and reception area, with sofas and chairs for sitting, television, vending and coffee machines and all decorated in a modern way with imitation wood ceramic floor, vinyl on walls, etc.

Differences between CrossFit and traditional gym:

There are many differences between a CrossFit box and a traditional gym:

  • During a CrossFit session you will have specialized trainers teaching you and correcting your technique at all times.
  • CrossFit is not based on a routine, every day is a different training.
  • No machines are used to isolate muscles, functional movements are used treating the body as a unit.
  • The athlete is sought to develop real strength and vitality, not just the appearance of strength and vitality.
  • Being group trainings, this creates community.
  • In CrossFit there is no time for distractions. The exercise is so fun, exciting and intense that you don't need distractions.
  • In CrossFit there are no mirrors, the appearance you have is not valued, but the results and performance you offer, although obviously an improvement in sports performance will imply an improvement in your physical appearance.



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