• AMRAP (As many rounds / reps as possible): Given a fixed time, the greatest number of rounds or repetitions of an exercise or series of exercises should be done. Example. AMRAP 20min: you have 20 minutes to do so many rounds or repetitions of the wod.
  • "Fight Gone Bad": The fight went wrong. WOD created for the Jiu Jitsu BJ Penn fighter, in order to train certain conditions for Ultimate Fighting Campionship (UFC) fights. It consists of a journey of 5 stations of one minute each. The total time of the tour through the different stations is 5 minutes, as is a round of the UFC. Do not rest between seasons. The tour is done 3 to 5 times. Rest a minute between each round. A different exercise is done at each station.
  • WOD (Workout of the day): Exercises of the day. It is the training of the day that CrossFit gyms do. One is published daily on the official CrossFit website. A 3-day training regimen is prescribed for a rest day. You can also do 4 days of training for a rest day.


  • Burpees: is a flex and a jump. You will hate them.
  • Bastards: A burpee in which the jump with a slap is replaced by a jump bringing the knees to the chest.
  • Battle Rope: exercise that is done with a rope of 15 or 20 meters and a diameter greater than 4cm. The rope is passed through a pole or vertical structure and each end of the rope is grasped with one of the hands.
  • Warm-up developed by Mike Burgener, head of Olympic lifts for CrossFit HQ and a whole eminence in its branch.
  • Clean: Movement of the Olympic lifting that consists of carrying the weight from the floor (or from the thighs) to the shoulders. Also known as "charged" or first phase of shipping. It can be exercised in versions of Hang Power Clean ("clean stopped" or "clean power") where the bar is kept at the level of the thighs, or from the floor, what is called Power Clean.
  • Clean & Jerk: Shipping. Double movement or two phases of the Olympic uprising.
  • Double Under: Double jump rope. Exercise with the rope in which you jump once and pass the rope twice below the feet.
  • Push-Up Handstand: Push-ups doing the handstand. It is a basic gymnastics exercise. Typical exercise in advanced wods.
  • Farmer's walk: farmer's walk. action of taking two very heavy dumbbells and walking with them at the waist.
  • Muscle Clean: Clean of strength. Clean mode to improve strength. It is also used to train reception.
  • Muscle Snatch: Start of strength. Start mode to improve strength. It is also used to train reception.
  • Muscle-Up: Basic movement of gymnastics with hoops. It consists of positioning above the rings from a hung position.
  • Oly-lift: Olympic lifts. Colloquial form to refer to weightlifting in Olympic style, one of the modalities of CrossFit that most intimidates the uninitiated. Executed with the appropriate technique and methods, the lifts of this sport, also known as weightlifting, have a profound and positive impact on physical performance, improved speed and explosion capacity when performing movements.
  • Overhead squats (OHS): Squat above the head. It is done with the bar over the head. It is a basic Olympic lifting and basic exercise to understand the snatch.
  • Pistols: exercise that consists of keeping one leg parallel to the ground and extended as much as possible, while flexing the other leg and trying to squat with one leg.
  • Pull-ups: Elevations in bar or dominated. In CrossFit they are usually made in the form of kipping pull-ups or with momentum and there is also the butterfly or butterfly variety. This can be considered "trap", in CrossFit is taken as an efficient movement for its functionality. Strict chokes are also used in CrossFit in some workouts.
  • Samson Stretch: Stretch Samson. It is done by interlacing the fingers of both hands and raising the arms pointing to the ceiling, while performing a static walking lunge.
  • Snatch: Started. Movement of the Olympic lifting that consists of taking the weight from the floor (or from the thighs) to the position "above the head"
  • Snatch Balance: End of the start movement.
  • Squats (or Air Squats): Free squats or just squats. It is a basic movement that due to its importance should be in any fitness program. Well done, the squat does not harm the knees and should be performed below the parallel.
  • Thruster: Combination of a front squat with a push press. It combines two very demanding movements: the squat with the act of lifting weights over the head. In the words of Rob Shaul, "thrusters are pure agony."
  • Wall Ball Shots: You throw a medicine ball 3 meters up while doing squats or squats. It is one of the most characteristic and complete exercises of CrossFit. The standard weight for women is 7 kilos and 10 kilos for men, but as a CrossFit exercise it can be done with less weight or difficulty.
  • Rx´d: Acronym for prescribed or prescribed. WODs indicate a prescribed weight or modality for the exercises. “As Rx´d” means that the athlete has done the WOD as indicated.
  • Scaled: Adapted. According to CrossFit's claim to be "universally scalable," all WODs accept "downward" versions, that is, with easier weights or modes. Above is always recommended Rx’d.


  • Tabata: 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Make 8 rounds. Total 4 minutes. And the total repetitions are counted.
  • Tabata This: 5 tabatas separated by a minute of rest. It is usually done with squats (squats), rowing, push ups (irons, push ups, push-ups or push-ups), pull-ups (dominated) and sit-ups (abdominal push-ups.)
  • Tabata something else : 4 tabatas without the minute of rest as in Tabata This. It is done, in that order, with pull ups (dominated), push ups (irons, push-ups or push-ups), sit-ups (abdominal push-ups) and squats (squats.)
  • Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Squat: A single tabata with squats. In the 10 seconds rest you must remain in the “sitting” position. This exercise forces the performer to extend the hip properly, and the 10 seconds of rest that in any other exercise seem too short, in the BTB Tabata Squat they become eternal.


  • Nasty Girls: Appeal with which the first generation of CrossFitters is known Annie Sakamoto, Nicole Carroll and Eva T, after they starred in a video in which they were running a WOD, which happened to also be known as Nasty Girls.
  • Hero Workouts: CrossFit workouts done in honor of certain people. They are quite hard if performed at full intensity.
  • GHD: Glute Ham Developer. Machine developed primarily for the purpose of increasing muscle capacity in the buttocks and hamstrings. It can also be used today to work the abdominal area. Use with caution is required.
  • GO HEAVY: expression widely used in CrossFit when training to always try to catch higher weights or recommended weights to achieve the expected results.
  • Hook Grip: Weightlifting grip, based on putting the big toe around the bar and stepping on the big toe with the first two fingers. It is used to lift large weights and is the most effective weightlifting grip.



  • Hook Grip: Weightlifting grip, based on putting the big toe around the bar and stepping on the big toe with the first two fingers. It is used to lift large weights and is the most effective weightlifting grip.
  • Pukie: It represents the act of vomiting because of too intense an exercise. More than a reality, it is a joke that this type of training in CrossFit has become part. He has a clown who represents him.
  • Firebreathers: People who breathe fire, fire-eaters or fire-eaters. They are the highest performing CrossFitters, like those participating in the CrossFit Games.
  • Force (power): defined as the "time rate to perform a job". Strength is equivalent to intensity. Increases in strength, performance, muscle mass and bone density are proportional to the intensity of the exercise.
  • Globo Gym: They are the gyms of a lifetime with their great machines that predominate in the world of physical training. It is the NOT to follow example of a functional gym or CrossFit. They are usually characterized by the image of someone on a treadmill watching television, or doing muscle isolation exercises focused on their reflection in the mirror.
  • Jim Jones: American preacher who built his utopia in Guyana, in which he brought together nearly a thousand US citizens. After some acts of violence, the followers committed suicide. They did this by taking cyanide mixed with the Flavor Aid drink, commonly confused with their similar Kool-Aid. This sad story has been taken by CrossFit and other functional conditioning systems to graph the roughness of your proposal and the degree of commitment involved. Mountaineer Mark Twight baptized his gym with that name, formerly affiliated with CrossFit.
  • Kool-Aid: Black humor of CrossFit and other functional training proposals. You don't have to like it. "Taking Kool-Aid" refers to having reached such a level of intensity in training that a temporary but unpleasant sensation occurs in the digestive system. Also, to a situation in which a person has accepted the ideas of a leader, however insane the proposals may be. The phrase comes from the story of Jim Jones.
  • Paleolithic Model (Paleo): way of eating or diet based on the way in which your ancestors were formerly fed. Paying maximum attention to the type of food ingested (without dyes or preservatives), eating mainly vegetables and meat, and always trying to keep blood sugar levels low.
  • Soccer mom: In American popular culture, a Soccer Mom is a middle class mom who spends a good part of her time bringing and bringing her child (ren) from school and sports practices like football. The image is that of a middle-aged woman who drives a mono-volume. In CrossFit it has ever been used to signal women who do the exercises or WODs adapting them to their abilities. They are at the opposite point of the firebreathers.
  • Sweat angel: Sweat mark left on the floor when the CrossFiter, exhausted after a WOD, starts to catch his breath. It comes from the slang of the places where it snows and the children lie on their backs to play in the snow. By moving the arms, they leave the imprint of a body with something that looks like wings (angel).
  • The A-Blog: The affiliate blog. Gather news from CrossFit affiliated gyms and comments and suggestions to improve aspects of administration and training. It is managed by Lisbeth Darsh.
  • Uncle Rhabdo: Character that embodies the black legend that has been created around CrossFit, according to which this system can produce rhabdomyolysis, a pathological situation in which the waste products generated by the intensity of the exercise They enter the bloodstream and can cause kidney damage, including death. CrossFit, in a healthy attitude, says yes, that CrossFit can kill you, like so many other things if you don't do them properly.


  • AMRAP As many reps/rounds as you can
  • BP BenPress
  • BS Back Squat
  • C&J Clean and Jerk
  • CFT Crossfit Total
  • DL Deadlift
  • DB Dumbells
  • FS Front squat
  • GHD Glute Ham Developer
  • GPP General Physical Preparedness (Fitness)
  • HPC Hang Power Clean
  • HS Handstand
  • HSPU Handstand Push-ups
  • IF Intermitent Fasting
  • KB Kettlebell
  • KBS Kettlebell Swing
  • K2E Kness to elbows
  • METCON Metabolic Conditioning
  • MU Muscle up
  • OH Overhead
  • OHS Overhead Squats
  • PC Power Clean
  • PJ Push Jerk
  • PP Push Press
  • PU Pull Ups
  • REPS Repeticiones
  • RM Repetición Máxima
  • RX Wod sin escalar
  • SDHP Sumo deadlift high pull
  • SJ Split Jerk
  • TABATA 8 rondas 20” trabajo 10” descanso
  • T2B Toes to bar
  • WOD Workout Of the Day
  • 10! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1



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